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Today’s Best

a photo of a young Todd Graham which ties in with the photo of the day below

This is my new daily post on the day’s best stories, photos and links, often with my take on the situation. I know that many people write articles on the same or similar subjects every day, these links are just the one’s I enjoyed the most.


Let’s start with my favorite story of the day, which is a rumor that I like to think that Mark Ennis, Michael Felder and myself started, at least one recruit believes that Mike Leach will replace Howard Schnellenberger at FAU after this season.

Next up is the Texas A&M situation. To be honest, I don’t know what or who to believe anymore, but this article by Spencer Hall of SBNation is probably the best out there. And, if you don’t like Spencer, try this one from Andy Staples or this one from Kirk Bohls who has been the guy breaking most of the news on twitter.. Reports have the Big 12 targeting Notre Dame or BYU first if the Aggies actually leave, but I think Houston is the most realistic option. However, unlike some people, I think Notre Dame is possible since they would always be a top 3 team in the league and they could still have their own TV contract.

Looks like the Baylor Bears are desperate to keep A&M around with this silly news release of the day… 

If you aren’t a fan of re-alignment, maybe compliance is for you. Here we find a story outlining how Miami is being investigated because some felon named Nevin Shapiro had his lawyer provide information to the NCAA. Some people seem to think that this will bring down multiple programs while I think it will only bring down Miami, but it is going to be big if the evidence is real. I would think something similar to the USC penalties will be coming. Not good if you are a Hurricanes fan. Here is a good breakdown by Bryan Fischer.

Staying on compliance, we have the full 136 page pdf of the new rules proposals for the coming year. The most interesting to me is proposal 2011-87, which starts on page 127, that calls for conferences without a title game to be allowed to have teams play in end of season invitational games. To me, isn’t that what a bowl game is? For what it’s worth, the proposal is by the Sun Belt, which I think is just looking for more TV money. The best proposal in the entire list would allow for schools to pay for an entire team to be at the funeral of a deceased teammate or visit a seriously hurt teammate at the hospital.

This article from Smart Football traces the roots of the one-back offense to Dennis Erickson.

Here we have ex-NCAA president Cedric Dempsey claiming that superconferences are coming and will break from the rest.

Toomer’s corner is still not looking good.

And finally, our picture of the day from Penni Graham. Alright, it is actually two pictures if you count the one above but I liked both of them.

Pitt head coach Todd Graham's bowl game ring collectiona photo of a young Todd Grahama photo of a young Todd Graham

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