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C-USA to Add UTSA, North Texas, FIU and Louisiana Tech

Last night, Kyle Kensing (@kensing45) posted an article about how RowdyReport.com had broken the news that the University of Texas – San Antonio (UTSA) was likely to join Conference USA (C-USA) for the 2013 season. The story outlines the UTSA football program and how they have already grown a huge legion of fans.

Later in the evening, Kensing also posted on twitter that North Texas would also be voting this week to join C-USA.

Today, Brett McMurphy reported that FIU and Louisiana Tech were also expected to join C-USA. Those four teams would bring C-USA back up to 12 members for 2013 after they lose Houston, SMU, UCF and Memphis to the Big East.

UTSA would not owe their original target conference, the Western Athletic Conference, a buyout fee because they never officially started in the league. They would however owe C-USA a $2 million entrance fee, according to McMurphy.

North Texas and FIU would also be able to leave the Sun Belt conference without paying an exit fee.

In other conference re-alignment news, it also appears that Utah State and San Jose State with be joining the Mountain West conference for 2013.

For more news and details, here is the McMurphy story.

I find it interesting how the smaller conferences keep cannibalizing each other. There is sure to be even more movement when the WAC eventually folds from all of this and the MWC/C-USA merger is officially dead.

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