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Daily Huddle 5-17-12

A collection of college football photos, stories and links from around the web.


shirt over at no2minutewarning.com” src=”http://www.collegiatestadiums.com/uploads/2012-no-2-minute-warning-maction-t-shirt.png” alt=”” width=”810″ height=”196″ />

One of the coolest t-shirt ideas in a while, Kevin is selling #MACTION shirts over at no2minutewarning.com. They come in your favorite teams colors or you can customize it in any color design you want.

The hot topic of the day was how relegation would work in the NCAA with football. Not sure it fits the American sports culture, but here is the post by Bill Connelly (@SBN_BillC).

SMU has fired their athletic director, Steve Orsini, immediately and right now no one knows why.

Remember the Alabama fan who thought it would be funny to stick his junk in the face of a passed out LSU fan in New Orleans, then post the video on youtube? Well, now he is facing felony charges for sexual battery.

Clemson running back Mike Bellamy has been ruled academically ineligible.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione was very open in this interview about his views on a playoff and how to preserve the regular season.

Kameel Jackson may be suspended from the Oklahoma team, but he is not going to transfer.

A column by George Schroeder on the problems Rich Rodriguez is going to face at Arizona.

Robert Steeples has decided that he will play at Memphis after leaving Missouri last month.

The Notre Dame football team appears to have a drinking problem as wide receiver DeVaris Daniels was cited for consumption of alcohol as a minor.

Good news for Pitt as it appears that Ray Graham will be ready for fall camp. The injury happened right in front of me and it was non-contact and nasty looking. I’m happy to see Graham be on a fast recovery schedule.

Ray Graham lines up for what would be his final play in 2011

Ray Graham is tackled after falling down injured. You can see every player for both teams looking at him due to Graham immediately screaming in pain

A more zoomed in picture of the pile

USC linebacker Simione Vehikite has been ordered to spend a year in jail.

Michigan is going to get new uniforms again for 2012. I’ll reserve judgement till some pictures leak.

Arkansas is also getting new uniforms with gradient numbers. People always have to mess with good things and make them ugly.

A small photo of the new Arkansas uniforms

A horrible zoomed in version of the same photo

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