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Boise State Upgrading Bronco Stadium

Boise State has a laundry list of updates they are working on over the next few years for Bronco Stadium. Sadly, changing the blue turf isn’t one of them.

One project is installing some new bleachers in the south end zone, as pictured here:

A construction photo of the new south bleachers at Bronco Stadium

Another project being completed this year is the raising of the video board, shown below to make room for the new football complex building.

Personally, I think this board is going to look small. The school should have just taken out a loan and done the entire project at one time, including the new board that is scheduled to be installed in a few more years.

The video board being raised at Bronco Stadium

Chadd Cripe (@IDS_BroncoBeat) reports that Boise State announced a $1 million donation to the new football complex from former player Bryant Lemon and his family. Cripe also reports that this brings the total funds raised to 1/2 of the needed $22 million, with $6 million being cash and $5 million in pledges.

[photos via @IDS_BroncoBeat] [h/t @KevinOnCFB]

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