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South Carolina Refurbishing Williams-Brice Stadium Field

We know that South Carolina has been updating the video board at Williams-Brice Stadium.

Apparently South Carolina has also been working on improving the field at Williams-Brice stadium. The past few days they have been adding sand to the natural grass field.

Honestly I have never seen sand added to a grass field before, but I assume it is to help with drainage.

Here is a photo:

South Carolina adding sand to the Williams-Brice field

South Carolina is also working on a large 52 acre tailgating area, which will be landscaped with over 650 trees and will feature a 100 foot wide pathway that the team, band, and cheerleaders will walk through as they enter the stadium called the “Garnet Way.”

[via @GamecocksFB]

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  1. Williams-Brice Stadium, where the South Carolina Gamecocks play, has a capacity of 80,250. Though, the record attendance there is 85,000, when the Gamecocks played Clemson November 17, 2001.

  2. @collegiatestdms I like it, but that sounds familiar????