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New Field Turf at Oregon State Almost Installed

Oregon State sent out this photo today of the new FieldTurf installation at Reser Field.

The new Reser State turf at Oregon State

Here is the full press release from April:

Oregon State University Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis announced Wednesday that the existing playing/practice surfaces at Reser Stadium and the Tommy Prothro Football Complex are being replaced withFieldTurf. Both will be completed in time for the start of the 2012 football season, with practice beginning in early August.

The existing Reser Stadium FieldTurf surface has been in place since 2005. The new surface will extend from the boundaries behind the end zones and from each side of the playing field – the blacktop border that has existed for decades will now be covered with artificial turf for improved safety of the student-athletes. The Reser Stadium and Pac-12 logos will be similar, although rotated to face the press box. Because the timing of the installation (contractually) will precede a final output by the Nike Graphic Identity process, the main logo and end zones will be painted for the 2012 season. A permanent logo and end zone graphics will be installed prior to 2013.

“This is an exciting project on many fronts,” Beaver head coach Mike Riley said. “In reality, we aren’t able to use our practice facility to the extent we would like in its current form due to the field conditions in inclement weather; FieldTurf opens up many options for us that haven’t been available, mainly giving us more practice space and the ability to be outdoors more often as well as adding a measure of safety for our student-athletes.”

For the first time in OSU history, artificial turf will be installed at the Prothro Complex. The first phase of the construction began this week and will include removing the existing sod and irrigation system, followed by leveling of the field. The infrastructure for permanent lights will be installed prior to the FieldTurf. The field will be utilized primarily by the football team, followed by OSU’s other intercollegiate teams and campus groups.

The original cost of the project was $3.2 million, but was reduced to $2.5 million by a gift in kind donation of $700,000.

OSU Athletics will now feature FieldTurf facilities at the Truax Center (indoor practice facility), Goss Stadium at Coleman Field (infield), Reser Stadium, the Tommy Prothro Football Complex and the track facility.

You can watch all the projects live on OSU’s webcams.

The construction at both locations adds to the continuing improvements at OSU’s athletic facilities. The track complex is currently under construction, a new playing surface is being installed at Lorenz Field (soccer) and the Student Success Center is near completion. OSU continues a fundraising effort for a basketball practice facility as well.

The most interesting thing from the press release isn’t the facility improvements. It is actually the Nike Graphic Identity process where the Oregon State is actually looking to possible change their school colors, logo and other branding identifiers.

Are you looking at a new logo or identity system for OSU athletics?
Answer: We are currently working with Nike’s Graphics Identity Group to review and explore potential new options for our OSU athletics identity package. The intent of this 18-month process is to look at how we might be able to improve the marketing of our programs. The review will look at all parts of the identity package from color schemes to the OSU font and the Beaver logo. The current plan is to announce any changes for the fall of 2013.

This logo, font and color re-branding means that certain portions of the FieldTurf will have to be replaced next year. This is all part of the planning and the field is being put together with next years re-brand in mind.

It looks like there are also plans to improve the speakers in Reser Stadium for the upcoming season.

Is it possible to increase the volume on the speakers in Reser Stadium?

We are currently in the process of assessing our Reser Stadium public address system and are aware that the volume level varies in different parts of the stadium. So far we have found that several speakers need repair. We are exploring options to make improvements throughout the stadium to the PA system. One option may include the addition of a new closed caption system. Our intent is to have the improvements made for the 2012 football season.

Also, while we are on the subject of Oregon State, here is a photo of the practice facility starting to take shape.

Oregon State practice facility construction


I didn’t know this till this morning, but Kevin McGuire (@KevinOnCFB) actually did a story on how Oregon State should ask Nike for branding help in January, a few months before the school did just that.

[via @OSUBeaversFB]

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