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Long Weekend Road Trip

Alright, so between the Penn State news and a sudden change of plans for this weekend, I did not get around to posting what I should have this week. I will try to get caught up with it throughout the next few days between my other assignments.

For those who don’t follow me on twitter, I found out Thursday that I would be going to Indianapolis on a credential for the NASCAR race. This resulted in me working till 2am Saturday morning to finish off a huge catering order, then driving through the night to make it here in time for Saturdays events.

As soon as the Sprint Cup race is over tomorrow, I have to drive 16-hours to Newport, RI for Big East media day and the clambake that begins at 7pm on Monday.

I did get to spend a few minutes talking with Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) who is at his first ever NASCAR race on a really neat assignment that you can read more about here.

If you are a NASCAR fan, be sure to check back for some photos from the weekend, plus I will be covering the next two races at well — Pocono and Watkins Glen. Of course, I will be injecting plenty of college football stuff in between.

Full gallery from today at Indy

A few of the better photos:

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