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Vanderbilt Must Be the Same as Notre Dame

Yesterday, the laughable quote by Charlie Weis basically said that the Kansas and Notre Dame jobs were the same. In reality, we know that isn’t even close, but that discussion is for another day.

More likely, schools wish they were like Notre Dame. Here is Vanderbilt making  what appears to be a play on the infamous Notre Dame “play like a champion today” sign and adding it to their practice field video tower.

Two photos of the new Vanderbilt “practice like a champion” signage:

New Vanderbilt “practice like a champion” signage

New Vanderbilt “practice like a champion” signage

[UPDATE] Vanderbilt has sent me the following:

Practice like a champion is a part of VU’s creed that they’ve been using for years it’s not the same as ND’s “Play like a Champion Today” sign.

They also sent along this video to show the slogan was in use before this year

Apologies to Vanderbilt for thinking it was based on the Notre Dame sign.

[via @VandyFootball] [update via @VandySportscom]

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