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New Mexico Got New FieldTurf

New Mexico announced in early June that they were getting new FieldTurf Revolution.

Here are a few photos:

New FieldTurf Revolution being installed at New Mexico

Midfield logo on the new FieldTurf Revolution at New Mexico

[first photo via @fmmercogliano] [second photo via @UNMLOBOS]

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  1. Syntheticturfwatchdog4UNo Gravatar

    John Gomez, I appreciate your response as it lets me present the facts. The actual facts… This “revolution” as you so quirkily put it has been stifled via lawsuit in Europe and although results aren’t in yet, I am sure North America will follow suit. Field turf can no longer use the name Revolution due to patent violations. Ironic since the majority of lawsuits are brought by Fieldturf because of patent issues. You are supporting a company that not only has more
    lawsuits against them per field, they have (post John Gilman) let customer after customer down. Weekly, I find another lawsuit or failed field in this country due to a Fieldturf product. I pride myself on being as unbiased as possible, however when you get right down to it, they are not the company you think they are. After the Gilman era, they went downhill on quality and customer service. Take a close look at your warranty.. You WILL NEVER recieve anything but a one page declaration. I challenge you to get the full warranty from them. Those studies, you so proudly boast are biased and completely taken out of context. I have thoroughly researched their ” studies” and all funded by Fieldturf. You have been bamboozled like so many others and it is my responsibility to shed light on the real deal. Remember Mr. Gomez, they are a French company that is happy to take an American dollar for a sub par product. As far as the NFL studies is concerned, it hadn’t been done since 2007. We have inquiries in to get the current ” results” and I already know there aren’t any as there was never a current vote by the NFL players. Good luck to you..

  2. I’m pretty sure UNM went with FieldTurf because the facts don’t lie.  Studies have been published proving that FieldTurf is the safest artificial surface in the market, with the best injury statisics recorded to date.  The NFL players also vote FieldTurf as the best artificial surface in the league.
    If the turf is good enough for the NFL, it’s surely good enough for the Lobos.  Get your facts straight Synthetcturfwatchdog4U.  If I were you, I’d get behind the Lobos and the (no pun intended): the ‘Revolution’ that’s happening at New Mexico!   

  3. Syntheticturfwatchdog4UNo Gravatar

    Congratulations on your support of the French! This company is owned by Tarkett and when you buy a field you support the French Olympic athletes. Google their YouTube video. Why!?!! When there are exceptional Anerican owned turf companies right here. Shane on you New Mexico

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