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Upcoming Trip to California

Believe it or not, I haven’t been to a college football game outside of Beaver Stadium this year. Between work being extremely busy and having our first child, things have certainly changed.

A photo of the Field Club seats being installed at Cal’s Memorial Stadium

Thankfully, I am getting a chance to go to California this coming week for some games, including two college football contests.

Thu Nov. 1: NFL Kansas City at San Diego

Fri Nov. 2: CFB: Washington at California

Sat Nov. 3: CFB: Arizona at UCLA

Sun Nov. 4: NFL Tampa Bay at Oakland

When setting up this trip, it seemed like I was possibly going to be able to see both games at USC and UCLA on the same day, but TV times have pretty much eliminated that. The Oregon at USC game is at 4pm pst and the Arizona at UCLA game is at 7:30 pm pst. While the stadiums are only about 15-miles apart, traffic will just be too insane to travel to both. I would have to cover those 15-miles in about 15-minutes; just plain impossible.

UPDATE: Upon further thought, I will be going to the Arizona at UCLA game because it is National College Football Day and what better stadium is there to spend it at then the Rose Bowl.

I am most interested to see how the stadium renovations at Cal Memorial Stadium turned out.

I will also get to meet Andrew Bauhs (@college_fb_tour) at the Cal game. I know for sure he will be at the Fresno State game on Saturday, selecting the shorter trip from Berkeley.

Bauhs isn’t the only other person I know trying to visit all (currently) 124-FBS Stadiums. Jeramey Jones (@Jermane_Eagle) is another, and he wrote about his trip to Knoxville for the Alabama at Tennessee game in his most recent blog post.

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