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Road Trip: Day 1 of 4: San Diego

I started out at midnight from State College, PA on my way to San Diego for day one of my four day sports journey throughout California.

I will be watching 4 football games in 4 days in 4 different cities in California.

To stay current and provide incite into how I do my road trips, I am going to try and do a running blog of my activities. I will do longer posts on the actual games, stadiums and experiences, but I wanted to show a little different look into my travels.

Thurs, Nov 1:

12:01 am: Was ready to leave but wanted to catch the @UNITE segment with @Aaron_Torres. I had talked to Torres earlier in the day about meeting up during my trip, his pending appearance on UNITE and a few other things in life. This resulting in me knowing his Halloween costume for the show and I wanted to see how he pulled it off. For those who didn’t watch, Torres went with the full white Lane Kiffin outfit. Torres looked the part and more importantly, he did well.

Aaron Torres went on UNITE sporting a look just like Lane Kiffin in this photo

12:25 am: Wake up the dogs laughing at Torres claiming that stats earned during games versus Colorado shouldn’t count because the Buffaloes are nothing more than an FCS team.

12:45 am: Finally left home. GPS said that it would take me exactly four hours to make it to the airport.

1:50 am: Still laughing at the Colorado FCS joke.

2:43 am: Radio station claims “we only play the best rock.” This announcement is immediately followed by a Rod Stewart song. I quickly hit scan and found another station just starting “Freebird.” Needless to say, I never went back to “the best rock” station.

4:10 am: Arrived at the airport. Shuttle driver drove right up to my car and loaded my bags onto the bus. Even wrote down the exact spot I parked in so my car is easy to find on Monday.

4:14 am: Dropped off at the terminal. Four minutes later I am through security and on my way to my gate. Found an electrical plug and free internet so I could get some work done before boarding.

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