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I love college football, especially attending live games in different stadiums. I have been to 129 FBS college football games in 40 different stadiums. I write for StadiumJourney.com when I have the time, covering the Appalachian Region

Auburn Fan Sets Christmas Lights to War Eagle

Auburn cheerleaders celebrate a touchdown

Christmas season is here and Auburn is set to play for the National title. What better way to combine the two then to set your christmas light display to the music of your favorite team. That is exactly what one ...

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Miami Fan Pays For Plane to Fly Banner

Photo of the Thanks to Al, Donna & Team #FullSpeedAhead banner flying around Sun LIfe Stadium on Oct. 26, 2013

This week Miami got great news with only minor sanctions from the NCAA for their alleged major violations. Today a fan decided to thank Al Golden, Donna Shalala and others for their work on minimizing the NCAA sanctions buy paying ...

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Guest Post: 80mins Visited Jerry Richardson Stadium

Photo of Jerry Richardson Stadium, home of the Charlotte 49ers on August 31, 2013 [@80mins]

Note: This is a guest post by Curtis Tarver (@80mins) about his visit to the first game for the Charlotte 49ers in Jerry Richardson Stadium. — Not everyone can say they were there in the beginning. I had the pleasure ...

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1990’s Proposed Penn State Jersey by Nike

Sample of a proposed Penn State jersey from the 1990's.

According to Jay Paterno, Nike proposed this Penn State jersey¬†sometime in the 1990’s. Thankfully someone stood up to Phil Knight and company and declined. Also, by looking at the photo, it is amazing to see how much jersey technology has ...

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Ole Miss Lineman Park Stevens Passes Away

Undated photo of Park Stevens

Yesterday there were rumblings that an Ole Miss football player had passed away following a car accident. As night fell, unfortunately it became official as Ole Miss announced the death of offensive lineman Park Stevens. According to ClarionLedger.com, Stevens was ...

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