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A Penn State Fans View of the Sandusky Scandal

Last week I experienced true euphoria while watching Penn State miraculously beat Illinois for Joe Paterno’s 409th win. I even moved down to the student section at the end to watch the final Penn State drive and the subsequent missed ...

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A Thank You to All Who Have Helped Me

I’ve had an online presence for years, but never really put much time into it till recently. For years, all I had a basic website that was actually just a homemade html script that I wrote myself in notepad and ...

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Debate: Where to Watch the Game?

I used to argue endlessly on why attending games is way better than watching at home or with a bunch of drunks at a bar, especially since that is the entire premise of this site, to get people out to ...

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Today’s Best

This is my new daily post on the day’s best stories, photos and links, often with my take on the situation. I know that many people write articles on the same or similar subjects every day, these links are just the ...

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Interesting Links

I have a collection of links that I have been meaning to post and I never seem to get around to it, so that is my goal today, to basically “dump” all of the links into a post. Then I ...

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