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Game Recap: Chick-fil-A Bowl: Virginia versus Auburn

I was one of the first people in the press box at the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but that was good as it gave me time to settle in.   Seated beside me was Lyn Scarbrough from Lindy’s Sports and he was ...

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A Thank You to All Who Have Helped Me

I’ve had an online presence for years, but never really put much time into it till recently. For years, all I had a basic website that was actually just a homemade html script that I wrote myself in notepad and ...

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Today’s Best

Today’s picture is of the all-black uniform that Texas Tech will wear this season. Today’s Best is going to be real short because the first article is so good. If you only read one of these links all week, maybe ...

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Interesting Links

I have a collection of links that I have been meaning to post and I never seem to get around to it, so that is my goal today, to basically “dump” all of the links into a post. Then I ...

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Meeting my Sports Travel Heros plus the King, the Prince and the Sporting Puma

As I alluded to in this article, there are two particular people who inspired my desire to visit every FBS and bowl stadium; Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell from The Ultimate Sports Road Trip.  Yesterday, I got a chance to catch ...

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