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Sports Illustrated Goes Heavy On Notre Dame


Sports Illustrated will be featuring this Notre Dame cover art on this weeks edition. A bit much in my opinion, but I’m hoping the SI cover jinx comes true.

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A Thank You to All Who Have Helped Me

I’ve had an online presence for years, but never really put much time into it till recently. For years, all I had a basic website that was actually just a homemade html script that I wrote myself in notepad and ...

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Interesting Links

I have a collection of links that I have been meaning to post and I never seem to get around to it, so that is my goal today, to basically “dump” all of the links into a post. Then I ...

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Breaking Down the SI Jim Tressel Article

After reading through the SI Jim Tressel article the first time, my initial reaction was one of letdown. After the hype that surrounded the release of the article, I felt that a good portion of the information was old news. ...

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Jim Tressel Resigns

Breaking News this morning as The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Jim Tressel has resigned as the head coach at The Ohio State University.   The news that Ohio State coach Jim Tressel resigned probably isn”t that big of a ...

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