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Two Idiots Lit The Toomer’s Corner Trees On Fire After Auburn Win

A photo of the oak trees at Toomer's corner on fire

Two idiots — allegedly Alabama fans — caught the Toomer’s corner oak trees on fire after they were toilet papered by Auburn fans after the Tigers beat Alabama A&M on Saturday. Back in the day, it normal to try and ...

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Toomer’s Corner Oaks Looking Sick

Toomer's corner oak trees looking sick

I covered this topic last year, and wanted to do so again this year. Unfortunately, things are not looking any better. After checking out this photo, the oak trees at Toomer’s corner are looking very sick. I’ll be surprised if ...

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Today’s Best

This is my new daily post on the day’s best stories, photos and links, often with my take on the situation. I know that many people write articles on the same or similar subjects every day, these links are just the ...

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Toomer’s Corner Looking Bad

Not much to type here, the picture below from Jay Reeves (@Jay_Reeves) does all of the talking as you can see the trees at Toomer’s corner are dying a slow death. Very sad.

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