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Sports Illustrated Goes Heavy On Notre Dame


Sports Illustrated will be featuring this Notre Dame cover art on this weeks edition. A bit much in my opinion, but I’m hoping the SI cover jinx comes true.

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UCLA Students Light Up Dorm To Degrade USC


No need to say too much here, UCLA students took considerable effort to use the lights of their dorm to send a message to USC. Since the statues on both campuses are so heavily guarded each year, you have to ...

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Road Trip: Day 1 of 4: San Diego

Aaron Torres went on UNITE sporting a look just like Lane Kiffin in this photo

I started out at midnight from State College, PA on my way to San Diego for day one of my four day sports journey throughout California. I will be watching 4 football games in 4 days in 4 different cities ...

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Upcoming Trip to California

A photo of the Field Club seats being installed at Cal's Memorial Stadium

Believe it or not, I haven’t been to a college football game outside of Beaver Stadium this year. Between work being extremely busy and having our first child, things have certainly changed. Thankfully, I am getting a chance to go ...

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Jim L Mora Tries to Wipe Egg From Face

This meme sums up USC fans feelings toward Jim L Mora

Yesterday, Jim L Mora, head coach of UCLA, decided to take a jab at USC. He said: When you’re talking about UCLA, it’s one of the great schools in the world — not just America, but in the world. It’s ...

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